Great Harvest Bread Co. U.S.A.
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Great Harvest Bread Co. U.S.A.

Brand experience, Retail Store layouts, and packaging.

New retail concept for Great Harvest and his 1500 bakeries and retails stores in the States.
Mission was to highlight product quality together with the history of Great Harvest, famous for using only organic flour and ingredients. The retail store need to became a more friendly, enjoyable ‘experience’,  create a communal experience in a relaxing and casual environment. I worked in particular on the research, the pre-sales experience, the design of the signage, packages and collateral materials. Packaging are transparent to let you see the product inside, typography recall woodtype: warm, bold, genuine.

* Project for Idiom+, Thomas Lehman  (Milano, Seattle)


May 2, 2016


Brand Identity, Communication